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Game Viewing & Photographic Safaris

We conduct photographic and game viewing safaris on our own property as well as National Parks in South Africa and Botswana.

Rifle Hunting

Hunters are guided by a professional hunter and tracker when hunting.

Hunting Area

Sangoma Safaris owns its own hunting area that spans more than 15,000 acres.

Game Breeding

Martin Schoeman and Sangoma Safaris are synonymous with superior quality wildlife. Being actively involved in the wildlife ranching industry since 1992, has given us the experience and knowledge to breed some of the best animals available today.

Many of the top game breeders have purchased male and female animals from Sangoma Safaris, in order to improve the genetics of their current breeding herds.

This is a testament to the quality of our animals, which is immediately visible even to the untrained eye.

At Sangoma Safaris our main focus is the intensive breeding of superior quality rare game species. This we do on a full time basis. Our research never stops and we are dedicated to the core!

black impala golden wildebeest nyala tsessebe


The waiting list that we have for our buffalo is living proof of the much sought after superior genetics we have at Sangoma Safaris.

One of our Ugandan (East-African) breeding bulls is the grandson of a well-known 50”buffalo bull that consistently delivers phenomenal bulls. Just recently this grandfather produced a bull that measured 51 “at 4 years and 9 months. Need we say more?

The buffalo cows that we used in our breeding herd range from 30 inches to 38.5 inches. With exceptional bloodlines like these, prospective buyers are assured that they are acquiring top genetics.

buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo


At Sangoma Safaris, both males and females go through a defined marker selection process. Horn length, body size and colour are just a few of the selection markers that we utilize.

Both Zambian and West-Zambian Sables form part of our breeding programmes. Our founder stock originates from the world renowned Thaba Tholo and Sable Ranch. One of our West-Zambian breeding bulls has even been to America and back for breeding purposes.

Some of our Intermediate Sable that we have bred from West-Zambian bulls, has shown great potential and prospective buyers should keep an eye on them since there is bound to be some record breakers.

All our Sable (Zambian, West-Zambian and Matetsi) are DNA-tested for confirmation of origin.

Our beautiful 50" Zambian breeding Sable bull called "Impi". Measured 50" at only 6 years of age
35" Zambian Sable cow with 95% nuclear DNA

sable sable sable sable

Roan Antelope

Although we intensively breed with Roan, and follow a strict tick-control and deworming program, all our cows raise their own calves. Our Roan is always in good condition and we have a 100 % calving record.

roan roan roan roan

One of our Roan breeding bulls measured at 6.5 years old 33⅛

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